What would you do?

You are in your home, a stranger armed with a knife has kicked in your front door and is now in your living room. Your hand gun is in your holster and there is at least one person in the room directly behind the stranger. What will you do now?

  • Shout at the stranger to leave
  • Change your position so a bullet from your gun will strike only the stranger
  • Shout at the person in the next room to “Get down!”
  • All of the above
  • Something else

Have you talked with those who live with you about what to do if such a threat occurs? Have you thought about what you can use to steady your shots if you decide to shoot? Have you practiced drawing your gun under stress to even know if you can draw your gun safely in one second or less? When was the last time you practiced shooting the firearm you carry in your holster? Have you practiced getting a solid grip on your gun so you don’t have to get a better grip before you fire your first shot? Are you sure you know where your bullets will go? Are you as ready as you could be to defend yourself and those you live with as you need to be?

Being prepared for a self-defense situation at home is more that you knowing how to shoot targets at the gun range. Talk with your family, create a plan they all understand and can do.

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