When our Church decided it was time to develop an armed security team  the members who volunteered for the most part were hunters and shooters but none had experience with defensive shooting. As a Martial Arts instructor and school owner I knew the value and importance of training for self-defense , If we were going to be armed in a room full of friends and family we would need to set a training regimen. I knew Doug and we had spoken about his training classes in the past so I approached him about training for our team. His curriculum and methods were excellent and just what we needed. Over the course of several sessions he was able to evaluate each members level of skill and guide us forward to improvement in movement, speed and accuracy . Offering knowledge not only marksmanship but also the mental aspects of what it takes to be in a high stress situation, which I appreciated very much as I know the importance of mental conditioning for a fight. The Skills drills he brought into our training were practical and challenging.  I have trained with many great Martial Arts instructors over the past 25+ years and in my opinion  Doug Beltz and Common Sense Self Defense offers top quality instruction with a focus on safety and overall effectiveness.


Vincent Ellis

Owner, Head instructor

Crusaders Martial Arts


Vince Ellis

September 23, 2019

I would like to thank Common Sense Self Defense for a very educational, well-structured concealed carry permit class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and well spoken, which made the curriculum easy to understand no matter your knowledge or skill level. After taking this course I can carry concealed with confidence. I would definitely recommend Common Sense Self Defense to anyone. As we need more informed and well trained armed citizen’s. I fully and whole heartedly support the 2nd Amendment and I believe Common Sense Self Defense shares that same opinion and strives to properly educate it’s trainees.

Chuck Gatliff

April 13, 2018

Last Summer, I and several friends from a networking group attended Doug’s carry permit class. I was impressed by his knowledge due to previous experience in law enforcement and his class presentation. Knowing that getting a handgun carry permit is just a first step in learning, like kindergarten, my next phase of learning will be to attend the self defense shooting class at his outdoor range. Every gun owner should learn about and practice real life situations that cannot be performed in an indoor shooting range. I’ve known Doug for over a year and highly recommend him as your instructor for gun safety and skills you need to have to protect yourself in real-life situations. Also, he will teach you the correct way to practice your skills.

Bert Burgett

March 21, 2018

Mr. Beltz. Gives the best complete and safe concealed carry class you will experience. He takes the time to make sure that all his participants under stand every aspect of they’r weapon. The safety of a weapon in your hand and all the up to date laws you might encounter. Mr. Beltz with all his experience and official back ground is the instructor you can trust. Literally with your life and others by knowing how to make the correct decisions.

Kenneth Cave

October 25, 2017

I’ve shot rifles and shotguns before but never a handgun. He was very down to earth, honest, and will cover everything with you. I passed with flying colors.

R Chad Turner

September 23, 2017

Very patient and soft spoken so that you aren’t nervous. Great at explaining how to be safe with a gun and how to hold and shoot properly!

Kim Carter Mitchell

May 15, 2017