Shooting In Self-defense

One-on-one training. This training can also be complete with church groups.

Tuition :
Pre-requisite :

Individuals who wish to develop firearm skills for shooting in self-defense situations must be able to place 35 rounds (out of 50) shot in the following fashion: 20 rounds fired at 3 yards, 20 rounds fired at 5 yards, and 10 rounds fired at 7 yards. This is the same standard required to qualify for the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.

A concealed handgun carry permit is not required because an individual may want to develop these skills but not want to carry concealed,

Required Equipment :

Any revolver or semi-automatic pistol of caliber .22 through .45, the holster the participant expects to use when carrying concealed, as well as at least one extra magazine or speed loader with the holster required to carry the extra ammunition.

Class Description :

This class is for those who want to build their defensive handgun skills beyond their accuracy achieved shooting targets at an indoor gun range. Participants will learn to quickly draw their firearm from concealment and to acquire the muscle memory required to obtain the proper grip and stance for defending themselves at customary defensive shooting distances. Participants will be able to practice defensive shooting while moving while drawing their weapon, while clearing malfunctions, and while reloading. Participants will be given data drill sheets they will use to track the improvements.

This class is by appointment only. Please call 865-293-0188 to schedule your appointment.