NRA Basic Pistol

Tuition :
Pre-requisite :

None. Participants will receive a hardbound book covering all of the topics included in this class.

Required Equipment :

Participants will need to bring a firearm they will fire at short distances and 50 rounds of ammunition.

Class Description :

This class is suggested for those wanting to gain a basic knowledge about revolvers and semi-automatic pistols even though they have no desire to carry a handgun concealed. All aspects of safely handling handguns will be taught. The parts of these handguns will be described in detail. By the end of this class the participant will be able to describe the differences between a revolver (single action vs double action) and a semi-automatic pistol (single action, double action only, single action/double action) as well as the differences in the calibers of these guns namely, 22 cal, 38 cal, 357 cal, 9mm, 40 Smith and Wesson, and 45 caliber. Also, participants will have the opportunity to practice shooting the firearm they bring to the class at targets at 3, 5, and 7 yards.

The class emphasizes safety while handling a gun, while cleaning it, and in storage of guns not in use.

Who is likely to want this basic knowledge? People who live in a home where a gun is kept, where there are children, and they want to learn how to be safe with it. Also individuals who live alone but want to keep a handgun available for self-protection and Individuals who are thinking of shooting in competition or just as a hobby.