Individual Instruction

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Individuals are invited to request handgun training that they are interested in pursuing. For example, one person may desire only to learn how to clean a firearm. Another may want to learn what the different parts are of a firearm that has been in the family for years. Another individual might want to learn more about storage of firearms.

Individual instruction is also for those who want to develop a particular skill set. For example, you might be very accurate with your handgun while standing in place. However, you know that effective self defense shooting requires you to begin to move even as you begin to draw your gun from its holster. You also know that continuing in a gunfight  requires you to have the successful ability to move forward, backward and laterally while defending yourself. This might be the singular skill set you would like to build.

Individual instruction is by appointment only. Please call 865-293-0188 to schedule your appointment.