To win a gun fight, of course you need to be prepared in the situation (situational awareness), of course you need a properly working firearm, of course you need appropriate ammunition, and of course you need to be able to shoot accurately. Yes, it would be really helpful if you are physically fit. These are necessary but not sufficient needs for winning a gunfight.

Your attitude is more important to winning a gunfight than any of these necessary components. If you are not ready to win, you are not ready to fight.

Your attitude must be “I will survive. I am willing to hurt the perpetrator to stop him. If the perp dies, that’s tragic for him, not me.”

Sympathy is not allowed. There is no place for feeling sorry for the perp. Think about this, a bullet from an adolescent’s gun will kill you the same as will the bullet from the gun of a 45 year old. Remember Columbine massacre.

In a gunfight, the purpose of the perpetrator is to kill you. Therefore, in a gunfight you cannot be thinking “Well, I’ll just wound him.” If your intention is to wound only, and if you are a normally prepared civilian, you will probably miss the target completely. Shooting to wound may be OK for Batman and the Lone Ranger, but, it won’t work in the real world.

For example, let’s take an active shooter. (In my terminology, an Active Shooter can be Domestic with the intent to kill a person or persons with whom he has a personal relationship. Or an Active Shooter can be a Mass Killer, namely a person who wants to kill a lot of people whether he knows them or not.) In the following example, an active shooter is a mass killer.

Active Killers PLAN to kill: With some exception they decide…What group of people they will kill…What gun(s) to use…What ammunition to use…How much ammunition to use…Where the killing will take place… What they will wear (clothing type, color, body armor).

Active Killers PRACTICE with chosen weapon(s). They visualize the scene over and over and plan on capture, escape or death.

An Active Killer will enter your church or the movie theater with the intent to kill you. An Active Killer will not give a split second of thought to wounding you. If you give an Active Killer a split second of thought, whether to wound or kill, you will probably die.

In any armed confrontation, the purpose is to STOP the Active Killer. It is not to wound the Active Killer and it is not to kill him. Shooting any attacker in the center of his mass is likely to be the most reliable way to stop the attack. Many people shot in the center of mass, whether law enforcement, criminals or anyone else, stop their action. But they usually survive their wounds. The notion of one shot kills so often seen in movies and television shows is mythical. It can happen. But it is not usual.

Part of winning a gunfight with any Active Killer is to take the time to run through the scenarios of confronting an Active Killer in your church, the malls you go to, the theaters you use, and any other places where you are in attendance with other people, like schools and parks. Stay situationally aware to avoid surprises and to know your exits.

We don’t normally think of burglars as Active Killers. However, if you confront one in your home, he could become an Active Killer or an Active Knifer. Burglars are not known for wanting to kill people. However, they are known for not wanting to go to jail and they may try to hurt you to keep their freedom. They could make a mistake and kill you. As such, they are a deadly threat. Your attitude must still be to win. If they get hurt or killed, it is a tragedy for them, not you.

For 17 years I counseled individuals, couples, families and groups. I was committed to what I was doing but it was still painful to help them work through the difficulties and tragedies in their lives. Some were victims of crime. I spent 16 years in law enforcement dealing with criminals who did not care what happened to their victims.

It is a tragedy that someone may have been reared to believe he can just take things from people and, as he is doing this, he gets killed. It is a tragedy that someone can become so distressed while living that his solution to his problems is to kill as many people as possible.

No matter what, to win a gunfight, your attitude must be to win. Your attitude must be to ensure that the confrontation is not a tragedy for you or any member of your family.

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