Who is Doug Beltz?

Doug Beltz retired after 16 years in law enforcement as a Detective Sergeant. Prior to entering law enforcement Doug counseled individuals, couples, families and children for 17 years. The problems ranged from helping individuals adjust to situations they did not expect such as illnesses and accidents, to people with severe depression and anxiety. Some people were seen for a few sessions and others for much longer. The benefit for Doug was he was able to use his clinical experience handling police calls from domestic violence to traumatized accident victims to restore order.

His training and experience for 16 years as a police officer combined with 17 years counseling others allow him to provide realism and authority to the use of a firearm for self-defense. Doug is an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor, an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, and is Certified by the State of Tennessee as a Firearm Instructor.

What is the training philosophy?

Adults learn best by practical experience and positive reinforcement. And every individual learns at his or her own speed. Guns are fun but they are also a matter of life and death. Safety is the first priority and is always integrated with each lesson. Patience is a quality Doug Beltz enjoys, and so do his students.

CommonSense SELFDEFENSE grew out of the experience of Doug Beltz while he was in law enforcement. It was clear that people need to know how to defend themselves from assaults, robberies, and home burglaries because police usually arrive after the crime has been committed. Learning to use a firearm in self-defense is only one of a number of ways to defend oneself.